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Welcome to my campaign website! I’m Joseph Bogdan, and I’m running for State Representative in House District 30 (Sterling Heights, Utica, and Shelby Twp.). (Image Map) (Detailed PDF Map)



Working for the people’s best interest

Restoring trust in our democracy

Standing for what’s right



Tired of the corruption in our government? Wish we had a government we could trust?

My mission is to do what is right, to work for the best interest of the people, to eradicate corruption from our society in all its forms, to restore honor to our democratic system of government, and to heal the divisions in our country.

I believe in true stewardship and in permanently solving problems--forever.

With your support, we can restore America’s greatness.


A shared vision for our future


For more than 40 years we have been a nation divided: red states versus blue states, liberals versus conservatives, employers versus employees, gun rights versus gun control, pro-life versus pro-choice, and the minority versus the majority.

Gfp-michigan-upper-peninsula-shoreline-of-lake-superior.jpgIt need not be this way.

Deep down inside, we all desire the same things.

Deep down inside, we all share the same vision for America:

Our vision for America is a land of opportunity, a place where if we work hard we call all achieve the American Dream.

Our vision for America is a land of freedom, a place where red tape can only be found at the local home improvement store.

Our vision for America is a land of fairness, a place where we are not held back nor see others unfairly advanced ahead of us.

Our vision for America is a land of profound natural beauty, not only for ourselves but also for our children and grandchildren.

Kids' Stuff 534.jpgOur vision for America is a land where our children will be prepared for the future, that they will grow up in a safe environment that fosters learning.

Our vision for America is a land of safe neighborhoods, a place where we can walk the streets of any city at night without fearing harassment.

Our vision for America is a land at peace, a nation of friendship deemed untouchable by tyrants and extremists alike, a place where we achieve safety without compromising law-abiding citizens’ rights.

Our vision for America is a nation with a government serving its citizens efficiently and effectively, one which allows us to minimize our taxes without hurting our quality of life.

Our vision for America is a nation united, the same vision our Founding Fathers had when they established this country, a place where we work together to achieve a shared vision and win-win solutions for all of us.

We are the United States of America. This is the vision we all share. By making the right choices, we—the people of America—can make this shared vision a reality.




Learn more about how we can achieve this shared vision on the On the Issues page!


And if you’ve got ideas for how to better achieve this shared vision, I’d love to hear them on Facebook!



Here’s a quick summary of some of the things I hope to achieve as state representative:


  • Eliminating the income tax for the average citizen (simultaneously eliminating the tax on seniors), thereby eliminating tax paperwork headaches
  • Ensure permanent funding for our school and roads so citizens do not become victims of Lansing’s political gridlock
  • Greatly reduce the average citizen’s tax burden and tax foreign imports instead (encouraging consumers to buy American goods and bringing back American jobs)
  • Making government prepay for essential services (schools, police, etc.), no shut downs/scare tactics when legislators have bad budgeting skills
  • Require units of government to pay off existing debts and then prohibit them from incurring debt again—using a constitutional amendment
  • Permanent win-win resolutions for the gun rights vs. gun control, pro-life vs. pro-choice, and LGBT vs. traditional Christianity conflicts
  • A $10K cut in legislative salaries (a much greater cut than 2011’s “cut”)
  • Adjust college funding to make it less expensive to pursue in-demand careers and less enticing to seek careers not in demand
  • Have all firms publish compensation information in job listings (eliminating time wasted by both job candidates and employers, also increases transparency and fair employment practices)
  • Indexing virtually all wages to inflation (with a goal to eliminate inflation entirely)
  • Reducing the minimum voting age
  • Increasing the minimum wage for companies with more than ten workers (thereby creating opportunities for entrepreneurs)
  • A self-sufficient work program that will teach workers the skills they need for better-paying jobs
  • A policy of no “surprise” layoffs, giving employees the opportunity to secure employment elsewhere
  • Introducing multiple-choice bills and ballot proposals, making the process more efficient and giving voters more options
  • Creating option for voluntary part-time legislature
  • Decimate the lobbying, corruption, and campaigning mania by imposing a 50% tax on political contributions
  • Destroy the illegal drug networks without costing taxpayers: permitting individuals who become addicted to go back and sue whoever introduced them to drugs; by destroying the networks of trust between drug users, the networks will also be destroyed (but only applying retroactively for 5 years, so won’t affect anyone who experimented long ago)
  • Permanently end gerrymandering by having redistricting maps developed to mathematical criteria, not legislators’ whims
  • For education: a legislative cap on administrative expenses, funneling resources back into the classroom
  • Higher education: require universities and colleges to synchronize their courses (ending the credit transfer games), also require universities to accept more community college credits
  • Having state-funded institutions post their resources online so all the people of Michigan can advance their education
  • Eliminating the government’s protection of criminals—long-term results will probably be an 80-90% reduction in crime
  • Eliminate government red tape without endangering our citizens
  • Extending the National Do Not Call Registry to include political calls—no more irritating robo-calls!



To learn more about these and other measures I hope to introduce, visit the On the Issues page!





If you’re a political candidate and like parts of my platform, you’re free to copy them and use them in your own!


Last updated: December 12, 2014                                                  Paid for and Authorized by Joseph Bogdan for America