Joseph Bogdan for Michigan State Senate

The Ultimate Solutions to our Nation's Greatest Challenges


Crushing Big Money's influence and government corruption

Corruption Slayer: the world's most powerful anti-corruption tools--at your fingertips! EasyVote: making voting easy for law-abiding citizens!


Lower taxes: the best tax plan of all the candidates!

Build-A-Budget: empowering citizens to decide where their tax dollars are spent, not bureaucrats!

Business handshake

For Business, by Business

A new era of self-regulation by businesses themselves


Social Security: Keeping it strong!

Protecting Social Security for our seniors. Ensuring Social Security will remain strong for generations to come.

American flag

Don't "open" the borders--Expand them!

A larger and greater America than ever before.


Opportunity: Where if we work hard we can all achieve the American Dream

The real solution for a prosperous America.

Statue of Liberty

Freedom: Where red tape can only be found at the hardware store

Unparalleled elimination of Big Brother's control of our lives.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Fairness: Where we are not held back, nor see others unfairly advanced ahead of us

The elimination of the real racists; a truly fair, unbiased and just society for the rest of us.

Michigan lakeshore

A land of profound natural beauty: for ourselves, our children and grandchildren

A common sense approach that focuses on the real reason for preserving our resources: the next generation.

Preparing our children for the future

That our children will be prepared for the future: that they will grow up in a safe environment that fosters learning

Making peace between the educational factions for the sake of the next generation.

Safe Neighborhoods

A land of safe neighborhoods: Where we can walk the streets at night in any city without the fear of being harrassed

Eliminating evil from our midst.


The end of frivolous litigation

Restoring common sense in the courtroom

The easy button

Winning the War on Drugs--the easy way!

The easy way to make the drug networks collapse--without surrendering to the forces of evil.

Couple in Paris

A land at peace: a nation of friendship deemed untouchable by tyrants and extremists alike: where we can achieve safety without trampling on law-abiding citizens' rights

The ultimate solutions for achieving a safe America and world peace


A nation with a government serving its citizens efficently and effectively: minimizing taxes without hurting our quality of life.

Balanced budgets: on time, every time. Fixing our roads.

Mother and Baby

Pro-life and Pro-family victories

How to ensure permanent and easy victories, regardless of who controls the Supreme Court

The Founding Fathers

A nation united: the same vision our founding fathers had when they established this country: Where we work together to achieve a shared vision and win-win solutions for all of us

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About Joseph Bogdan

Joseph Bogdan graduated top of his class (Summa Cum Laude) from Oakland University with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering. He also graduated top of his class (Summa Cum Laude) from Macomb Community College and Baker College with an Associates in Mathematics and an Associates in Business. He currently works as an engineer at a family-owned automotive supplier in Sterling Heights.

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