Joseph Bogdan for Michigan State Senate

The Ultimate Solutions to our Nation's Greatest Challenges

Tax Reform and Build-A-Budget

As Americans, we expect our government to serve citizens efficiently and effectively, minimizing taxes without hurting our quality of life.

As state senator, I will continue the work to lower your taxes, but I will do it through the elimination of waste and corruption (instead of cutting essential services!)

Built-A-Budget and Corruption Slayer

In the past, we have seen how our government has repeatedly starved funding for critical services while lavishly funding its pet projects. This shall be no more. With the Build-A-Budget tool (part of Corruption Slayer/Representation 2.0), voters will be able to define government funding priorities--not Lansing bureaucrats. This tool will take government transparency to an entirely new level: each division of government will need to justify its expenditures to voters if it hopes to receive continued funding from them.

“Build-A-Budget takes government transparency to an entirely new level.”

With this system, most forms of government waste and corruption will simply be unable to survive. The Build-A-Budget tool will use the current budget as the default for new users, and voters will be able to make adjustments based on the government’s current revenues. With this tool, the government can only spend what it has, so the system will automatically ensure budgets are balanced on time, every time.

“Voters define funding priorities--not Lansing bureaucrats.”

(It can run in two modes: Safe mode and Awesome mode.)

Safe Mode: To ensure that the government always operates within its budget, total spending will automatically be capped based on total incoming revenues. Results will be aggregated across the selections of all voters to determine the appropriate levels of funding for each division, service, and project. This may very well be the best hands-on civics lesson humanity has ever seen.

“Balanced budgets: on time, every time.”

The Build-A-Budget tool can also be taken to another level: it can be expanded to simultaneously serve as a fee-free crowdfunding site. Instead of increasing the overall tax rate to provide funding, voters will be able to use the safe, secure Build-A-Budget interface to easily and conveniently publicize and raise funds for initiatives personally meaningful to them. The funds will be held in an interest-bearing account until the necessary funds are raised (if it is an initiative requiring a specific minimal funding threshold) or, if the initiative does not obtain the necessary funding within a reasonable/defined period, the funds will be returned to the donors.

Check out the demo for Safe Mode here!

Also, I encourage you to look at the other good ideas that the other candidates are offering: Corruption Slayer allows us to achieve all these good ideas!

What about Awesome Mode?

Awesome mode gives citizens even greater control over the use of their tax dollars. Instead of being an aggregate of everyone's input and tax dollars, you will have the option to fund / defund whichever expenditures you please. Whether it's a controversial expenditure or a cause about which you're passionate, you can just select / deselect it and / or specify the funding level. And if your neighbors have differents interests / priorities, they can do the same!

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