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CureCare: The Ultimate Solution to our Healthcare Crisis

Perhaps both political parties have overlooked the ultimate solution to healthcare: better than Obamacare or any Republican plan?

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Instead of leaving ourselves at the mercy of either the government or the insurance companies, what if we changed the paradigm: where we let each religion be responsible for ensuring and insuring the health and well-being of its members, after which the government would eventually fully exit the healthcare business?

Would we see a complete transformation of the healthcare landscape? How would this new paradigm change the influence and power of the pharmaceutical industry? Would we see a change in the discussion about immigration? Would we see a new type of healthy competition that drives costs down: each religion optimizing its strategies in order to maximize health/wellness and thereby provide its members with a better value than its competitors?

By doing this, is it possible that the Truth will come to light and that it will usher in the Golden Age of Miracles?


How does this impact my taxes?

It lets us reduce taxes: no more of your income tax dollars spent on healthcare!

Will CureCare cover pre-existing medical conditions?


Will medical institutions be required to perform procedures against their organization's beliefs?

No! This solution does not change ownership/management of medical institutions--plus it's conscience-friendly. With this solution, the government is completely out of the picture: no institution is required to provide any service it does not want to offer. No healthcare plan is required to cover anything. There is no government funding of anything.

Will people still be free to choose their own healthcare or seek it from insurance companies/other providers?

Yes. But they probably won't anyhow--the religions will most likely provide a better value--and not rip them off!

What about atheists? They don't have an organized religion.

The atheists actually have a unique opportunity with this solution. Sure, they could all band together under the banner of the Church of Reality or the Sunday Assemblies, but if some of them wanted to do so, they could create quasi-religions that make healthy lifestyles a condition of membership (such as prohibitions against smoking, possessing a specific BMI to be/remain a member, fitness fellowship, etc.). (The government has no say in the membership policies and obligations of religions/quasi-religions.)

What about oversight?

Religions could certainly engage/create any additional institutions they believe they need (non-profit agencies, etc.), but they will probably find that they are not even necessary.

Illegal immigrants: are they covered?

Each religion gets to decide on its own--and individually deal with the consequences of its choice! (And if it begins/stops covering them and changes its mind, it is also free to do so.) The bottom line: if your religion doesn't cover illegal immigrants, then you won't spend a cent on healthcare for illegal immigrants.

I'm a business owner. What does this mean for me?

No more mandatory healthcare premiums! (Although you're certainly free to offer additional coverage.)

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