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Educating the Next Generation

Our vision for America is a land where our children can have an excellent education, a place where any of us--child, teenager, college student, or adult learner--can get the educational resources we need for success and increased potential--and all this without hurting our pocketbooks.

Educating our children

“A jail sentence is more expensive than a U of M or MSU education. But no one has done anything meaningful about it--until now.”

For decades, community leaders have lamented how our educational system fails to reach out to kids in their formative years. Many of our schools lack the resources they need to make a positive impact on children’s lives. Yet at the same time, many of our citizens and local businesses are struggling to stay afloat--they can’t afford to pay more than they already are. Many have observed that a jail sentence is more expensive than a university education, yet no one has done anything meaningful about it--until now.

“By eliminating waste in the justice system, we can provide more than $100 million annually for schools.”

As your state senator, I will challenge the waste in our current justice system head-on. By targeting this waste, we will be able to pump more than $100 million annually of new funding into our schools. Moreover, since we will be funding this though the elimination of waste (merely 5% of the Department of Corrections budget), this $100 million in new funding will not cost taxpayers a penny more.

“This is funded by eliminating waste, so it will not cost taxpayers a penny more.”

Yet this is not the only thing I will do: there are many more ways to provide value to Michigan students, adult learners, and taxpayers.

Educating our children

In addition to getting our schools the additional funding they need, we can place statutory caps on administrative expenses, funneling resources back into the classroom. Likewise, we can require state and local governments to prepay for schools and other essential services, blocking lawmakers from using shutdowns/scare tactics to bully citizens.

The existing system wastes many resources because it duplicates efforts. We already have many of the educational resources we need, but institutions do not share them and instead expect taxpayers to pay for their inefficiency.

As state senator, I will break down the fiefdom walls and make institutions share their educational resources online freely. This will improve the learning experience of students (we've all had an awful class at some time--looking at another teacher's approach often helps), allow adult students to learn new things on their own, and provide enormous savings for taxpayers.

Also, I encourage you to look at the other good ideas that the other candidates are offering: Corruption Slayer allows us to achieve all these good ideas!


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