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Preserving our Natural Resources

Our vision for America is a land of profound natural beauty, not only for ourselves but also our children and grandchildren. Our vision for America is a land with enchanting landscapes, crisp fresh air, and sparkling clean water.

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The world we see around us will be what our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren inherit. They will inherit our landfills, our nuclear waste, and our empty oil wells.

As state senator, I will advocate win-win solutions which will help us preserve our resources for future generations without placing serious strains on businesses or taxpayers. Thanks to recent advances in technology, properly managed green energy can be less expensive than conventional energy! But we need to be smart: as state senator, I will ensure that we implement green technology efficiently and effectively, bringing the best value to citizens--not merely staging publicity stunts or using stealthy strategies to fund political cronies. With the right leadership, we can keep energy costs low for our citizens while also working for the well-being of our children and grandchildren.

Also, I encourage you to look at the other good ideas that the other candidates are offering: Corruption Slayer allows us to achieve all these good ideas!

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