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Our vision for America is a land where if we work hard we can all achieve the American Dream. Our vision for America is a land where jobs pay well, where entrepreneurs have opportunities to start businesses, and where "unemployment" is an archaic term.

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As state senator, I will advocate win-win solutions that help both businesses and workers achieve the American Dream.

For almost a century, the political forces in our country have tried to inflame hostilities between employers and employees, to pit them against one another in a way that enables them to retain their grip on the American people. They thrive on creating an “us versus them” mentality in which one side tries to take advantage of the other at every turn, a strategy that causes citizens to clash against one another while the real adversaries go unnoticed. But I don’t think that way, and it doesn’t need to be this way. As your state senator, I will work for the interests of all the people of Michigan, of both employers and employees, exercising judgment in fairness to ensure that, if we work hard, we can all achieve the American Dream.

“I will work for the interests of all the people of Michigan, of both employers and employees, exercising judgment in fairness.”

Our elected leaders have ignored the real cause of our economic weakness: the underhanded practices of foreign governments. Tens of thousands of businesses have been forced to close their doors, and hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs due to unfair trade practices. This is our real problem.

Our best approach is to adjust revenue strategies to encourage manufacturing in Michigan (or America as a whole) and discourage the outsourcing of jobs.

From America's perspective, it is imperative to bring back manufacturing to its shores rather than lie complacent in the belief that research, development, and service will adequately fill its place. Otherwise, we will see that the natural characteristics of manufacturing will also cause the design, research, and development processes currently being undertaken in America to gradually be pulled away as well and located more closely to their associated offshore manufacturing facilities. Fortunately for America, at this point in time a series of market forces (energy prices, etc.) have produced a healthy combination for some manufacturing to return to America, but it will only be a matter of time before the winds of economic change go in a different direction. Now is the time to bring back as much manufacturing to the nation as possible, and now is the time to lock in the best strategic advantage before this window of opportunity disappears forever.

“A two-pronged strategy: encourage manufacturing in Michigan and discourage the outsourcing of jobs. Most politicians neglect the second.”

One of the concerns which has been discussed with taking measures to retain and bring back manufacturing to the United States is the concern that the nations to which manufacturing processes have been relocated will enact their own measures to counteract this influence. In a directly competitive situation, it is unlikely that the current federal political establishment has the stamina, desire, or perseverance to succeed. In that case, it may be better to use a decentralized/covert approach to achieve the same results without officially starting a trade conflict. In its basic form, one strategy to achieve this is to restructure state and/or local taxes so that they favor local, regional, and national manufacturing and simultaneously discourage manufacturing overseas. If done in a seemingly fragmented manner, foreign nations cannot properly reciprocate unless they do it at the national level, a move which would then justify the federal government in doing the same.

Yet this is not the only strategy we can pursue. Here are some other strategies that can help us achieve this vision:

As state senator, I will work to achieve increases in not only the quantity of jobs but also the quality of jobs. Our true goal is that we will all be able to achieve the American Dream, so our focus needs to be on jobs which will help us achieve this vision.

Also, I encourage you to look at the other good ideas that the other candidates are offering: Corruption Slayer allows us to achieve all these good ideas!

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