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The Ultimate Solutions to our Nation's Greatest Challenges

Safe Neighborhoods and Gun Control/Gun Rights

Our vision for America is a land with safe streets, a place where we can walk through any city at night without fearing harassment. Our vision for America is a land with safe schools, a place where our children and grandchildren can learn without distractions.

Safe Neighborhoods

We all desire the same thing: safe neighborhoods. If we lean one way or the other, it's because of research done, personal experiences, experiences of friends and relatives, etc. Even if we get a little too emotional at times, we've all arrived at our conclusions in a rational manner.

Our focus needs to be on the real problem, not an imaginary one: the actual perpetrators of crimes, not law-abiding citizens.

If we focus on our real objective of safe neighborhoods, we can identify win-win solutions that will help us all achieve what we truly desire.

Crushing the Drug Lords

The easy button

Legalizing drugs is harmful for the businesses/employers in our community and sends the wrong message to our children. There is a better strategy which fixes the issue and will devastate the drug networks: allow individuals to go back and sue whoever introduced them to illegal drugs (2016 onward). These will be civil suits (not criminal), so they will not tie up taxpayer dollars and will also be far more likely to succeed in court. Existing drug networks survive on the basis of trust: eliminate the trust, and they will perish. Will a college kid provide another college kid with drugs if he knows this kid can come back 20 years later and sue him? Will he even provide them to his closest friend?

Decimating Crime

As your state senator, I will be second to none in ensuring that dangerous criminals are removed from our streets swiftly, permanently, and at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

We need to remember: our focus is safe neighborhoods, don't lose focus or get distracted!

Did you know that the US has lower crime rates than many other European countries? Part of this is because of citizens' ability to defend themselves.

We want to reduce the number of homicides, yet we do not want to simultaneously increase the number of robberies and burglaries. How do we do it?

I'm advocating a bold solution to the crime in our cities: giving the NRA both full rights and full responsibility in managing firearms.

As a life member of the NRA (and the son of an avid NRA member), I know the NRA will be delighted to develop a solution which drastically reduces the crime in our cities. In fact, there are multiple ways they can achieve this.

It might include some of the following components:

With the right combination that lets us address the issue of repeat offenders, I believe we can probably reduce crime by at least 50% in all categories!

Also, I encourage you to look at the other good ideas that the other candidates are offering: Corruption Slayer allows us to achieve all these good ideas!

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